Dream Iceland

Volcanic Crack Caves

Iceland has a large number of lava caves which have shown sparks of volcanic activities quite often. It’s a very popular tourist destination. Most of the volcanoes in Iceland have become dormant now. But touring in “once upon a time fiery chamber of a volcano” is indeed an awe-inspiring experience. 

The lava caves have been formed about 12,000 years ago and cover almost 10% of Iceland. That’s the reason Iceland is popularly known as the land of  "fire & ice”. 

There are many volcanic caves in Iceland, but Thrihnukagigur is the most popular one. It is almost a one day-trip from the capital Reykjavik. While visiting the caves one has to be extremely careful and carry things like torches, helmets and other necessary safety objects for precaution. Adventure lovers can participate in incredible adventure activities like Caving and Snorkeling while touring through volcanic crack caves. 

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