Dream Iceland

The Dream Golden Circle

  • Thingvellir National Park: This national park is famous for it’s natural beauty, historical and cultural significance. It is the foundation of the first Icelandic parliament “Althing”. Thingvellir is also famous for its Continental drift, which is only visible from there. The beautiful Birch woodland surrounding the area also captivates everyone with its charm.
  • Geysirs: Erupting Geysers: You will be amazed when the geysers erupt around you. It’s beautiful, majestic and you will feel the power of nature beneath your feet. This is a true natural phenomenon that no tourist should miss.
  • Gulfoss: Gulfoss or Golden falls is a beautiful creation of Mother Nature. You will be mesmerized standing underneath one of Iceland’s great beauties. Winter, spring, summer or fall Gullfoss never seize to amaze.
  • The day ends by viewing Northern Lights at Hotel Ranga