Dream Iceland

Why Dream Holidays?

Iceland is a well-known country for its beauty and diversity where every walk and every drive is an adventure. Be it natural lagoons, erupting geysers, volcanic rocks, stunning landscapes or breathtaking waterfalls – Holidaying in Iceland makes for an interesting and awe-inspiring experience. No wonder, it has become one of the most popular holiday destination of the world. 

Dream Iceland – Loves Iceland and wishes others to explore this mystical land. 

A well-established travel company, recognized for offering best-designed itineraries for travelers across the globe. Dream Iceland is committed towards tailor-made holidays, ideally suiting the needs of every traveler. For over a decade travelers are exploring Iceland with us. Right from assisting you with your visa process to arranging local SIM cards, Dream Iceland ensures that you travel without any hassles. Your adventure, safety, comforts and independence is our main priority. 

Nature lovers, bird watchers, adventurers or honeymooners everyone will find something to their liking in our Dream packages. We have created two best packages (summer & winter) for our travelers. Summer package is from June to September and the winter package is from December to March. Our carefully planned trip will ensure that you easily get to visit the exotic locations of Iceland and make this a once in a lifetime experience. 

Dream Iceland proudly says “No one does it like we do”, because we provide you with a Champion – your local tour guide, who will help you explore Iceland “through the eyes of local”. The Champion is a highly experienced person with extensive knowledge of the local surroundings: from the famous landscapes to the relatively interior/unexplored highlands. All your needs will be catered by him, be it booking houses & hotels, organizing vehicles for your day-to-day tour, guiding you to proper food joints, and explaining the unique cultural identity of Iceland.

Dream Iceland wishes you a memorable Icelandic experience. 

"Come & witness the hidden energy of Iceland - Leave your worries behind and enjoy because with Dream Iceland, you can travel and relax with style".