Dream Iceland

Travel to Iceland

Iceland is a very small country, but full of rejuvenating experiences, be it Blue Lagoons, Gullfoss, Northern lights or breath taking experience of Whale Watching. You will fall in love with nature.

Iceland alone has more than 10,000 waterfalls and we have chosen the best among them and have included in our travel itinerary.

We at Icelandic Dream Holidays know the pulse of travelers and do the best to make their trip to Iceland a memorable one!

Iceland is not the spot for routine tours but a destination for action, adventure and thrill.

Be it geysers’ or waterfalls you’ll get goose bumps for sure!

We will have you see Seljalandsfoss where you can go behind the waterfalls and see the wall of water and that’s just awesome. You will just forget worries and connections with the world, come fall in love with nature and experience it.

We are sure that you will say: No one does it like we do!

We offer two packages:


1. Summer Package (7N / 8D)

  • Day 1: Geo-Thermal Pools

  • Day 2: In and out Golden Circle

  • Day 3: Heading towards Mývatn

  • Day 4: Dettifoss

  • Day 5: In and out Mývatn

  • Day 6: Mývatn

  • Day 7: Back to capital city

  • Day 8: Flight back


2. Winter Package (4N / 5D)

  • Day 1: Geo-Thermal Pools

  • Day 2: Golden Circle

  • Day 3: Visiting Jökulsárlón (large glacial lagoon in southeast Iceland)

  • Day 4: Whale Watching

  • Day 5: Flight Back