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Introducing our Winter Package


Overview of Package

Winter in Iceland is full of amazing contrasts. You will always be surrounded by scenic landscapes as peaceful white snow descends upon the black lava fields. It is also the season of the Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis), where the colorful lights of nature remove the darkness of winter nights. Winter is also a great time for fun-filled adventure activities like cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, hiking and ice skating. You can sample the comforts of the city by eating wonderful food, going shopping and enjoying the holidays, Christmas and New Years.

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Know before you go

The following tips will ensure that you have a fun-filled trip to Iceland:

  1. Carry enough warm clothes, bathing suits, gloves, etc. or you can even rent it from the team of Dream Iceland
  2. Learning few Icelandic words will help you connect with the locals better. You will be able to feel the essence of Iceland and besides learning a new language is always fun. Though it is not a high priority because most Icelanders are fluent in English.
  3. Iceland is “Photographer’s Paradise”. The Dream Team will help you in clicking good pictures and provide you binoculars for better viewing
  4. While visiting the volcanic caves, it is advisable to carry helmet, thick gloves (rubber or leather), good source of light, and a pair of hiking shoes. 
  5. The Champion will take care of your requirement of electrical charger’s, equipments and other necessary things
  6. It’s advisable to get information about the current weather conditions of Iceland before venturing out for sightseeing. The reason being the unpredictable weather conditions in Iceland. You can get all the information about the weather conditions from www.weather.com or http://en.vedur.is/
  7. In Iceland you have to try for the local cuisines, especially fish and lamb; you will surely crave for more
  8. You should view the night life at Reykjavik, enjoy the cultural activities, and visit museum’s to get information of Icelandic history
  9. Tipping is never ever expected in Iceland. But if you want to give tips anyways, nothing will stop you as Icelanders as whole are frequent travelers and they are well aware about tipping on services in other countries.
  10. Clean air, water, unpolluted surroundings and fresh high quality food have ensured that Icelanders have a very long life. People are very particular of leading a healthy lifestyle and the living standards are very high. So visitors have to be very cautious while conducting sightseeing in Iceland and should ensure that the atmosphere of the place doesn’t get polluted. 
  11. People of Iceland are addressed only by their first names.
  12. Icelandic women are very beautiful and the country has given “three Miss Universe” to the world so far.
  13. The Icelandic Red Cross has a helpline that is open 24x7, every day, for anyone needing assistance with grief, anxiety, fear, depression or suicidal thoughts. By dialing 1717, Red Cross volunteers will reach across Iceland.Crime rate is very low in Iceland and as a result there are very few policemen in the country. Iceland also has no army, navy or air force. It does have a coast guard though.
  14. Iceland has excellent infrastructure for disabled. All the government buildings, museums, malls, shopping centers, public bus system and taxis have facilities for individuals with disabilities. But many stores in the old downtown area in Reykjavik, such as around the popular shopping street of Laugavegur, are not wheelchair accessible.
  15. Off-road driving is strictly prohibited in Iceland and can incur fines of up to $2000. If you drive on a road that the Icelandic authorities have marked as closed or impassable, and then become stuck, you may incur fines of up to $1500 for emergency assistance.

Price Detail

Dream Iceland offers personalized tour packages for travelers. We have two basic plans that are designed specifically for that respective season; it will help you get to experience everything the island has to offer. We will locate a personalized champion that will be with you through-out the tour to show you Iceland “Through the eyes of local”. He will help with everything you require during the tour, right from finding best food or even get you a local sim-card. As soon as you make up your mind, we will locate a personal dedicated planner for you, who will guide you getting Visa, Flights Tickets or Travel Insurance. He will also provide all the information you may require for Iceland. Cost of tour package depends on your group size as well as the time of travel, depending on the season. For 2014-15, Dream Iceland’s winter package (four nights and five days) would cost 1400 Euros/Person in a group of eight, which is the most preferred group size to travel with us. However if you wish to travel in a smaller group, please feel free to reach out to us. We will get back to you with all answers of your queries.  We wish to have a hustle free “Dream Vacation” for you. For Cancellation, Amendment and Refund policy, please click here.

Inclusions & Exclusions


We at Dream Iceland wish you to enjoy the best out of Iceland during your holidays. From our past 10 years’ experience, we have learnt that travellers enjoy a lot and get the feel of Iceland if they taste the local food, stay around nature and amazing landscapes of Iceland.


Hence we have carefully designed the two best packages that will amaze you with the beauty of the Iceland. Your package cost includes…

·              Accommodation

·              Car rent

·              Fuel

·              Airport Transfer

·              Entry tickets and ferry tickets to sight-seeing places which are mentioned in itinerary

·              Champion’s fees

·              Champion’s accommodation


Package cost does not include…

·         Visa Charges

·         Airfare

·         Travel Insurance

·         Food / Meals

·         Additional / Personal use of vehicle

·         Any extra excursion or sightseeing apart from specified itinerary

·         Any personal expenses, room services, and special offers, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, laundry etc.


However, our back office will assist you in getting visa, and booking your flight from your country. Your champion will also help you find best restaurants that suit your taste buds. Your Champion is your best buddy at Iceland, and if you require any help during your tour at Iceland, he will assist you with it.