Dream Iceland

Iceland - Through the Eyes of the Local

Dream Iceland has changed the way people travel – You will get to see Iceland "through the eyes of the local" with the assistance of your Champion. A very knowledgeable guide about the local surroundings. He can assist you with your accommodation, travel, food and other requirement, even a local sim card. He will always engage you with his humor and conversation.

Be it exotic locations or some remote island, the Champion will guide you through everything. His local knowledge will be extremely beneficial while visiting each destination. He knows where the Northern Lights will have a proper view, which adventure sport in Iceland will be ideal for you and the best hours to visit any attractions. Since the Champion has the understanding of the unpredictable weather conditions of Iceland, he can advise you when to venture out for sightseeing and which route to take. 

Iceland is a very safe place but the extreme weather conditions often create a major effect on its landscapes.