Dream Iceland

Iceland Holidays Tours

Iceland is one the best destinations to be in when you want to enjoy the joyful Summer or the wonderful Winter.

You will find all leisure activities in Iceland: be it beaches or unforgettable night life.

Here are few of the famous tourist destinations:

1. Northern Lights

Iceland has one of the most prime locations in the world to see: The Northern Lights:

We have included hotel Ranga in our winter package from where you will witness the mind blowing Northern Lights and we accommodate you at Ranga Hotel for two nights as we know you will surely want to witness the Northern Lights again the next night!

2. Geo – Thermal Pools – Blue Lagoon

Geo Thermal Pools are one of the most famous and most visited destinations in Iceland. The warm water is a part of lava formation and it has natural minerals like Silica and Sulphur. It’s a natural geo-thermal spa. It’s an ideal destination to relax. This water helps to cure many skin diseases as well.

3. Jökulsárlón

Jökulsárlón is in the southern part of Iceland which has the biggest glaciers in Europe and majestic waterfalls. Here you can actually go behind the waterfall and see the water formed wall.

4. Myvatn

Myvatn is full of natural beauties and is located in the North-Eastern part of Iceland.

Our Champion will take you to whale watching and have you observe the giant mammal swimming in Atlantic Ocean. You can also enjoy bathing in cave cracks, we will have you visit Dettifoss - the largest waterfall of Europe in terms of water discharge and we will have you visit the geysers and everything else for which Iceland is known for.

5. Night life at Reykjavik:

Night life at Reykjavik is very lively. We will have you spend one full night at Reykjavik so that you can enjoy the music and dance.