Dream Iceland


Akureyri has a lot to offer for its visitors.  It is a town in northern Iceland, often nicknamed “the capital of the north”. The town has a 150-year-old history, important port and fishing centre of Iceland. While coming back from Myvatn, one can visit Grímsey&Hrísey Islands, The Botanic Garden, and Akureyrarkirkja (church in Akureyri) on the Day 6 of your summer tour.

Grímsey&Hrísey Islands are ideal for bird watching and wonderful scenery. Thousands of Puffins and sea birds nest on these islands. Grímsey also provides an excellent view of the Midnight Sun.

In the Botanic Gardens over 7000 foreign plants and Icelandic flora can be seen. One can also visit Akureyrarkirkja church, which has beautiful and aesthetically designed interiors.