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    Champion – Your Local Tour Guide

    Iceland - Through the Eyes of the Local

    We proudly say "No one does it like we do". We mean it because our Champion will personally escorts you throughout the entire tour.

  • northern lights iceland
    Day 2 & 3 of Winter Package

    Northern Lights

    A natural display of colorful lights moving around the sky – This is one of nature’s most beautiful and magical phenomena. Iceland is an ideal location for northern lights viewing and it is one of the biggest attractions during winter.

  • gullfoss waterfall tour iceland
    Gullfoss – Day 2 of Summer Package

    The Golden Falls

    Gullfoss in Iceland is the most unique waterfalls of all. The wild and wide waterfall is one of Iceland's iconic natural attractions. The aura surroundings are simply spectacular and the beautiful mountains further complement the view.

  • reykjavik iceland
    Bright & Colorful Houses

    Houses in Reykjavik

    Among Reykjavik's attractions are the brightly colored houses and shops alongside the streets. It has an old world charm and gives a feeling of old picturesque European buildings.

  • iceland mountain peaks
    King of all Mountains- Day 4 Summer Package

    Mountain Peaks

    Popularly called as "High Table Mountain" because of its appearance, Herdubreid was formed during the glacial period and is the highest mountain of Iceland. It is also known as the "Queen of Icelandic Mountains".

  • geysers in iceland
    Geysirs – Day 2 of Summer & Winter Package

    Erupting Geysers

    The erupting geysers are simply a natural wonder. You will feel the earth beneath your feet breathing with life. It is one of Iceland's most popular sightseeing tours.

  • gentle giants whale watching
    Whale Watching – Day 5 of Summer & Day 4 of Winter Package

    The Gentle Giants

    Iceland is one of the most popular destinations in Europe for Whale watching. These "gentle giants" are indeed a delight to watch from the safe confines of a ship that will take you there.